Marketing Solutions

Areas of Practice



Your brand is a huge part of your business; it ultimately determines whether customers on the fence choose you or a market competitor. On average as little as 1 star rating on Google can lead to 20% extra revenue online. We will manage your reviews, prompt reviews for you business and make sure all the correct information about your business is out there on all major sites.


We can build your website and also create you accounts on any social media or sites that will help advertise your business. We are full of innovative ideas and create something eye catching for potential customers. We can also mange web pages and social media, keeping your pages fresh and advertising to keep people interested.


This ultimately generates immediate short term leads through advertising. Stats show over 76% of the 2 Billion Facebook users have made a purchase through facebook ads.  Google stats show that leads generated through paper click ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those generated organically. Businesses on average make $2 revenue for every $1 spent on paper click ads.

Sales Team

We can provide a sales team trained in your services to sell your business to customers online, over the phone or even travel to events and locations of your choice to promote and sell products. We are based in Cardiff, Wales but we are able to travel anywhere within reason. Our team members are experienced sales people with various backgrounds in sales face to face, over the phone and online.

search engine Optimization

This is essentially getting you making you more visible in the search results. The top 10 search results on Google get 92% of the traffic. This is a long term process but it will ultimately grow your business like no other form of marketing. Organic customers are always the greatest source of revenue long term.